We provide financial and transactional Merger & Acquisition (“M&A”) advisory services to all types of owners encompassing a wide range of strategic business transactions that generally (i) transfer business ownership completely (a sale) or in part (e.g., a recapitalization, partnership or joint venture) or (ii) increase the value of a client’s business by combining it with another business (e.g., a merger or acquisition).

We provide advice for all aspects of sales, mergers, recapitalizations, acquisitions, and other consolidations, including

  • Assisting in the development and implementation of M&A strategies
  • Analyzing alternative strategies and recommending optimal strategies to achieve clients’ objectives
  • Managing The Frontier Process, a specifically orchestrated investment banking “marketing and sale process” to “make a market” for a clients’ sale or investment opportunity
  • Negotiating, structuring and assisting in closing M&A transactions
  • Researching and identifying potential acquisition targets and/or “establishing valuation criteria” and other metrics
  • Advising on acquisition financing for buyers (all types and combinations of the capital structure among debt and equity)