Frontier’s Role in the Investment Banking Process

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Frontier professionally orchestrates and manages elements and attributes of a marketing and sale/investment/financing process, including the following:

Management of Process We manage all details of the marketing and sale/investment/financing process, the buyer/investor/capital provider qualification and the transaction execution process, while maintaining consistent, timely internal and external communications and ensuring confidentiality throughout the process.

Potential Buyer/Investor/Capital Provider Development We provide experience, knowledge, and connections that are not available to a client to comprehensively and selectively identify the most suitable, financially qualified buyers/investors/capital providers with the strongest strategic or other motivation to pay the highest value and/or grant the best terms.

Marketing Materials After conducting due diligence, we craft compelling and in-depth marketing materials on the client’s business amplifying the business strengths and candidly but adeptly managing to any weaknesses, including produce an information and disclosure document and multimedia management presentation for potential buyers/investors/capital providers.

Negotiating Leverage We not only provide negotiating expertise, but also provide negotiating leverage to our client in the negotiations.

Competitive Tension We conduct a competitive bidding process engaging logical buyers/investors/capital providers in a process where they are required to maximize their view of the value of the client’s business to be the successful bidder.

Maintain Business Focus We manage the process to provide for, and protect the pursuit of, other strategic objectives of the client and allow the client’s management to remain focused on operating the business, as a client’s lack of focus is an easy way to lose value in the client’s business especially if no transaction is ultimately executed.

Driving to Close We actively manage the process at a pace that creates competitive tension culminating in a competitive bidding process to maximize leverage in contract negotiation and in effecting a closing.

Preserving Seller/Buyer Relationship Our position as an intermediary allows the client to maintain the best relationship with the potential buyer/investor/capital provider.