To deliver the most relevant experience for our clients, we offer a network of Industry Experts to augment our team of investment banking professionals in situations where clients can benefit from the knowledge, experience, and industry contacts of such accomplished executives.

Some of the benefits of having Industry Experts on our team include:

  • Expertise: An Industry Expert is someone who has operated in, and has unique insight into, the same or similar industry as our clients, bringing industry and management perspective to the engagement. Furthermore, the Industry Expert oftentimes knows and/or can identify potential strategic buyers/investors that may not be readily apparent through typical research and analysis.
  • Favored Access: Through industry experience, an Industry Expert typically has high-level contacts that can be leveraged to create favored access to potential strategic buyers or financial partners.
  • Appeal to Authority: Many of the Industry Experts are recognized as preeminent in their industry and, as such, have instant credibility in discussions with counterparties.

By utilizing Industry Experts, Frontier has the flexibility to bring the right firepower to the firefight to best serve our clients.

Selected Industry Expert


Kent Teague is the Managing Partner of Gold Creek Capital. Mr. Teague has extensive business and technical experience. From 1992 to 1999, Kent worked for Microsoft. While there he held a number of different leadership positions including responsibility for all Microsoft consultants devoted to retail clients in North America. In addition to profit and loss accountability, he also had worldwide strategy responsibility for the implementation of Microsoft products from the time a product left the distribution warehouse until a consumer bought it. Kent also has extensive experience in technology companies. From 1990 to 1992, Kent was the Director of Development at Saber Software. He began there as a software developer, writing approximately half of the product code that eventually took Saber public. He built the development team from 3 to 30 people, including software developers, testers, and documentation specialists. Saber Software went public in April 1994 at a capitalization of $40 Million. Saber was bought in 1995 by McAfee and Associates, now a part of Network Associates. Because of his various leadership roles in different industries, Kent can draw upon a unique blend of talents and skills. His leadership and overall business experience aids him in coaching a CEO on the important aspects of growing a company. Because of his technical background, he has the ability to understand the probability of a product being developed on time and on budget. His sales and marketing background gives him the ability to gauge the probability of a product being accepted and purchased by potential customers and distributed by potential partners.


In his 25-plus year career in the industrial products and services industry, Mr. Lund has consistently advanced into leadership positions of ever-increasing responsibility. He has a history of leading organizations through difficult challenges and bringing them to profitability. Mr. Lund served for many years as the President and CEO of BHA, one of Kansas City’s leading public companies. Under his leadership BHA flourished as sales grew from $35 million in 1986 (IPO year) to $210 million in 2004 culminating in a successful acquisition by General Electric.

Most recently, Mr. Lund held the Business Leader position for GE’s Environmental Services Division where he led the business integration and played a critical role in the sale of his former company, BHA, to GE. Subsequent to the acquisition he served as a mentor and counsel to members of the leadership team. He was particularly instrumental in development of BHA Technologies, the company’s subsidiary that manufactures and markets ePTFE membrane products for use in a variety of industrial and consumer applications. Under Jim’s leadership, BHA Technologies launched a number of successful consumer products including a protective outerwear garment line under the brand name eVENT.

Mr. Lund is currently a principal in J Partners LLC, a Kansas City based senior advisory services firm. He was a long time member of the Kansas City Civic Council, a member of the American Cancer Society’s Chairman’s Circle and has been active in many United Way campaigns. Mr. Lund has a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing from Northern Illinois University.


Mr. Yowell was founder, president and chief executive officer of DATACORE Marketing, LLC, a marketing services company that provides data-driven marketing solutions supported by robust process-driven operations. Before launching into his successful entrepreneurial career, Mr. Yowell worked as an account executive responsible for database marketing at a local advertising agency in Kansas City, Missouri where he was intrigued by the challenges faced by clients who had substantial amounts of data on their customers and prospects, but who did not know how to mine and utilize the data to improve their overall marketing efforts.

To integrate consumer and channel data into the marketing strategy process, Mr. Yowell founded DATACORE Marketing in 1992. His face-to-face client interaction and tenacious attention to the details of his clients’ businesses resulted in a new class of marketing support for the B2B2C market. Powered by experience, motivation and focus, Jeff grew DATACORE from a small two-employee operation to a thriving, unique marketing services provider that served nationally renowned companies including H&R Block, Hill’s Pet Nutrition, Inc., John Deere, Michelin, Microsoft and Novartis. DATACORE emerged as an innovative leader in the marketing services industry, providing clients with strategic marketing solutions that integrate marketing strategy, database management, technology and program management.

In 2007, Mr. Yowell sold DATACORE Marketing to WPP, the world leader in marketing communication services, as part of the largest transaction in Kansas City history in the Advertising & Marketing Industry. (Frontier Investment Banking served as the exclusive strategic and financial advisor to DATACORE, and assisted with the negotiations as a representative of DATACORE, in initiating and consummating the strategic transaction with WPP.)

In 2003, the Kansas City Chamber of Commerce named DATACORE the Small Business of the Year. Mr. Yowell’s entrepreneurial success earned him numerous awards and recognition, including being honored with the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year for Business Services in the Kansas/Western Missouri region in 2002, and with recognition as part of Ingram’s 40 Under Forty in 2004, and with the Future of Business Award in Kansas City also in 2004.

Mr. Yowell holds a Bachelor of Science degree in business administration from Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas, as well as a Master of Business Administration degree from the University of Missouri-Kansas City.