For more information on The Frontier Process and how Frontier may be able to customize The Frontier Process for you to add Premium Results to optimizing your company’s strategic objectives, please Contact Us.

For each client, each different scenario and each client objective, Frontier specifically customizes and tailors The Frontier Process to optimize the client’s objectives, develops the sales strategy and transaction structure considerations, and then professionally orchestrates and manages The Frontier Process. In addressing The Frontier Process globally, Frontier’s senior professionals manage all details of the following general aspects, while maintaining consistent, timely internal and external communications and ensuring confidentiality throughout The Frontier Process:


We conduct initial due diligence on the business and its industry, from a buyer’s perspective, to glean a thorough understanding of the key value-drivers of the business and to fully understand how such value-drivers will be verified and supported upon the actual diligence of the selected counterparty;


We provide the experience, knowledge, and connections to comprehensively and selectively research and identify the most suitable financially qualified buyers/investors/capital providers (as the engagement may be) with the strongest strategic or other motivation to pay the highest value and/or provide the best terms to maximize our client’s objectives.


We assist the client and its other advisors in crafting the most compelling, comprehensive, and in-depth marketing materials on the client’s business and its industry, amplifying the business’s strengths and, candidly but adeptly, managing to any weaknesses or challenges, including assisting in the production of an information and disclosure document and multimedia management presentation for potential counterparties.


We not only provide negotiating expertise, but also through The Frontier Process provide negotiating leverage to our client in those negotiations. By conducting a competitive bidding process among an exhaustive list of qualified buyers/investors/capital providers, the competitive tension among the potential counterparties bidding to achieve the client’s objectives generates and increases the negotiating leverage to push each of the potential counterparties to their best and final offer in order to identify the most motivated counterparty to achieve the client’s objective;


The competitive bidding process culminates in maximum negotiating leverage for the client in not only negotiating the larger economic terms of the letter of intent, but also the terms of the definitive documents for the closing; and all the while


We manage The Frontier Process to provide for, and protect the pursuit of, other strategic objectives of the client and allow the client’s management to remain focused on operating the business. Our position as an intermediary also allows the client to maintain the best relationship with the potential buyer/investor/capital provider.