Partners in Behavioral Milestones | RECAPITALIZATION


Frontier’s client partnered with BioNOVUS Innovations, an affiliate of DeBruce Companies, through a recapitalization


Leveraging its proprietary programs based on the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis, Positive Behavior Supports, and Professional Crisis Management, Partners in Behavioral Milestones (PBM or the PBM Group) is a comprehensive, behavior-analytic service company providing (i) education services in its school, (ii) transportation services, (iii) residential group housing, (iv) therapy services, and (v) behavioral crisis services designed to triage, intervene, de-escalate, and treat individuals experiencing a behavioral crisis episode. The PBM Group’s unique, differentiating solutions address the specific, individualized needs of youth, adolescents and adults acutely affected, as well as those individuals more routinely affected, by behavioral and developmental disorders or disabilities – primarily those affected by Autism-Asperger’s Spectrum disorders. The PBM Group specializes in serving and successfully treating individuals with behavioral issues that are the most challenging to treat and the most difficult to manage during treatment. The PBM Group serves those individuals across their lifespan. In addition, the PBM Group assists the families of the individuals, as well as assisting the school districts, communities, and state agencies charged with overseeing those individuals by not only serving and treating such individuals more effectively, but also by saving the districts, agencies, and institutions money in doing so.


PBM’s owner and management team sought to partner with the best-fit company to assist in growing its businesses nationwide in order to provide its effective, high-margined services to the growing population of individuals who could benefit from PBM’s solutions.


Frontier conducted a competitive marketing process involving a broad universe of potential financial partners, as well as strategic partners. A compelling number of potential growth partners expressed interest and submitted offers. After meeting and exploring a partnership with several selected potential partners, BioNovus Innovations made the most compelling offer to grow PBM’s businesses organically and through an acquisition strategy committing the capital and strategic resources for such growth and committing to share the economic rewards of such growth with PBM’s owner and its management team.

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