Intermodal Logistics and Transportation Management Company

Strategic Advisory

Frontier acted as the exclusive financial and strategic advisor to this Intermodal Logistics and Transportation Management Company.

The Client is a category leader in intermodal asset based and non-asset based transportation services both domestically and internationally, including full-service logistic management services, drayage, freight forwarding, shipping container depot operations, rail ramp and maintenance services, leasing of transportation equipment, and international transportation through its “non-vessel operating common carrier” designation.
The Client was contemplating certain strategic alternatives and engaged Frontier (i) to identify the Client’s strategic monetization alternatives and strategic growth alternatives and (ii) to evaluate the expected return and associated risk for each alternative.
As a result of Frontier’s research and advice, the Client was able to more prudently and more definitely evaluate its strategic alternatives and select the optimal steps to achieve a larger strategic objective of the Company and its owner.

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