Strategic Advisory Services


In addition to our transactional capabilities, Frontier’s senior management team assists clients in various strategic advisory assignments. With our wide background in a variety of businesses and situations, we can provide the specific analysis and expertise to help clients identify the range of possible solutions for the clients’ objectives and evaluate those solutions to find the most appropriate, optimal solution.

In order to provide an array of strategic advisory services to its clients, Frontier appropriately blends the most elaborate and suitable analytical methodologies, extraordinary insight from decades of experience, and the realities of the marketplace.

Strategic Alternative Assessments/Strategic Advisory Reports 

These engagements can cover the analysis of strategic and financial alternatives, including comprehensive integrated analyses and independent perspectives of strategic and financial alternatives available to a business. Typically, such analyses would explore all alternatives, including strategic transactions, alternative business strategies, and shareholder value enhancement initiatives, and would detail an expected rate of return and associated risk analysis relative to each alternative. By analyzing the risk and rate of return, we assist our clients in more easily evaluating the alternative strategies and making a decision as to which strategy or strategies to implement. We also assist clients in developing and executing plans designed to grow and increase the value of the Company.

Long Term Value Optimization 

These engagements involve the analysis of the alternative strategies to successful growing and increasing value of a Company through internal or organic growth or, through the successful “partnering” of the Company with another business — in each case, analyzing the expected risk and rate of return associated with each such alternative strategy.

Exit Strategies/Succession Planning 

These engagements involve the analysis of alternative strategies to achieve a successful exit for the owners and/or growth of the Company, in each case, analyzing the expected risk and rate of return associated with each such alternative strategy.

Fairness Opinions and Other Special Purpose Board of Director Advisory Assignments 

These engagements involve the representation of corporate boards and board-level special committees related to special purposes, including transactions involving affiliated parties, going private transactions, management buy-outs, hostile tender offers and shareholder rights plans.


These engagements involve the assessment of value for a myriad of purposes, but typically in connection with a strategic transaction.

Restructuring/Financial Distress Advisory Services /Chapter 11 Advisory Services 

These engagements involve advisory services to companies encountering financially and strategically challenging issues.  Frontier assists financially and strategically challenged companies and their stakeholders in assessing their strategic options and executing a plan to optimize the business’ value and thereby protect or grow the stakeholders’ interests. Frontier’s approach to value generation in financially distressed companies has saved businesses and produced wealth for owners and stakeholders in the recovery, as many of the restructuring engagements were done without the client having to file for bankruptcy protection, with no loss to the bank or other creditors and, most importantly, with the client’s business returning to profitability.

The professionals leading our Restructuring Division have over 50 years of combined operations, financial, marketing and strategic experience, with a particular emphasis on managing and successfully re-engineering financially challenged businesses. Along with a proprietary network of former executive managers and service providers, the Frontier professionals leading the Restructuring Division and their proprietary network have successfully completed over 35 turnarounds in diverse industries advising companies with revenues from $10 to $150 million.

Initial Public Offering Advisory 

These engagements involve advising the client on whether the pursuit of an initial public offering (“IPO”) would be prudent given the client’s overall strategic objectives, and if pursuing an IPO would be prudent, advising and analyzing which investment banking firm would be the “best fit” to lead the IPO by managing a process to maximize engagement terms among such investment banking firms.